Renovation in a 3 storey house in Amstelveen


We were asked to redesign a 3-storey house in Amstelveen.
The most important feature of the house was the skylight in the dining area. We wanted to take advantage of the light it shed in the space as much as possible.  
So, we decided to move the kitchen at the back of the house and create an extra berdroom at the ground level, where the old kitchen used to be. We also thought as a good idea to take the wall of the pantry down and have a bigger space which could be used as the new kitchen with the skylight above it. 

 /images/products/carel_livingroom_final_5_.JPG /images/products/carel_livingroom_final_2_.jpg
 /images/products/carel_kitchen_design_5_.jpg /images/products/carel_kitchen_design_8_.jpg


The kitchen was designed by us.
We decided with the client to use IKEA
cupboards and counter top. The intallation was done by our team.
We choose white glossy cupboards and for the counter top black synthetic stone.
The light coming from the skylight ensures a bright and full of light kitchen, during the whole day.

 /images/products/carel_living_room_design_1_.jpg /images/products/carel_living_room_design_2_.jpg